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    Michael J. Tagarelli

    To all of GodBook1’s members, Welcome. It’s clear that God’s direction for Christianity was to move westward from Jerusalem to America.

    It is clear from America’s roots and foundation that Christianity was steeped into our society to reach the whole world. satan, his demons and puppets of the earth, have worked hard to try to stop this Gospel march of Jesus Christ. For example, starting back in the 1960’s, the Church stood still and let a single women remove God from our school system. As we look at our political system today, we can see evidence of leadership that does not have a reverential fear of God. We believe in our hearts that GodBook1 and The Providential Party are being created to reach the whole world with the Gospel as it was intended to do from the beginning. We know that God and His Angels are preparing earthly representatives to begin this new march.  Evidence of this westward march of the Gospel can be seen with America’s name as it sits in the center of JerUSAlem.

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