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    Michael J. Tagarelli

    To Whom it may concern,

    I am writing this and praying at the same time, hoping that God will bring the right people together with His great wisdom to create and launch this new political party that is much needed in the times that we are living in. As I see and discern what all of God’s people are experiencing, it is clear that a party that will benefit all people rich and poor is needed. When I speak of the rich, I am referencing the rich that willingly help the poor, they are blessed and understand that their blessings come from God and will do God’s work with their finances. Our society has created an elite class that dominates every aspect of life on this earth, especially in the area of who and how you can make obscene amounts of money as billions of people struggle to survive. These areas that I speak of are the Sports world, Banking, Insurance and Hollywood. There was a time when I could truly say I was a conservative but, in my spiritual growth I see a need for the people that only Liberal ideology can make living on this earth bearable until Christ comes to reign! With God’s wisdom, we can become both Conservative and Liberal and how we do that is to believe that God’s love creates my Liberalism and God’s holiness creates my Conservatism, think about this statement. Let’s launch this Party!

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