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    Michael J. Tagarelli

    Good morning everyone,

    I have a topic I want to throw out in this forum about the church. If you look at what we are currently going through in this country and looking back at our past as a nation, you can clearly see that the church has been sitting on the fence with it’s power that Christ said we should have. The church has let the secular dominate us and now the church is reaping it’s rewards which is a disaster to all Americans. Satan is doing a good job of eating our lunch as the church languishes with it’s head in the clouds. As the church sat back and let one lady stand up and remove God from our school system, we are clearly seeing our rewards as we watch our political system in a shambles as nothing get’s done for the people. As a generation of Godless children rise up and become the foundation of our future government you better hold on to your boot straps and start praying to Jesus Christ, The Lion of Judah, for protection and correction

    (Read 2Chronicles 7:14) or prepare for one hell of a ride coming your way.

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