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    Taylor Tee

    When I was speaking to friends about my music selection for the Music forum on this platform, Elvis Presley’s version of “Peace in the Valley,” they were touched by my testimony, and they asked me to share it.

    What they didn’t realize – nor did I at that moment – was God worked through me in a special way to add an extra layer to my testimony.

    I told my friends that this particular song came to mind when I was thinking about posting music on the Music forum here. My first thought was “How Great Thou Art.” A beautiful hymn that gives me chills anytime I hear it or sing it! Then, I thought about “The Garden,” because it was one of my Dad’s favorite hymns.

    As I thought about my Dad, it hit me. We’ve all had our fair share of valleys in 2020, thanks to COVID-19, and many have lost love ones or are battling the illness. “Peace in the Valley” took the top place in my mind and my heart, and that was my selection. It was played at my Dad’s funeral, and many who attended the service commented that they had never heard Elvis played at a funeral before! However, that was absolutely my Dad’s favorite gospel song, and he had explicitly requested it.

    I contemplated the many rough valleys my Dad experienced in his life. His Mom, my Grandmother, was a faithful servant of God, even though she had a tough row to hoe raising three boys with very little help from my paternal Grandfather.

    You see, my paternal grandfather was an alcoholic, and in some awful mental break, he tried to kill my grandmother before taking his own life, nearly 11 months before I was born. Therefore, I never got to meet him, and I remember Mom telling me that he never would’ve taken such a final action had he only waited a few months to find out my cousin and I were on the way. Grandma went through a very long surgery to repair stab wounds to her right lung, but she survived, thanks be to God!

    Later, her three boys all joined the military and were all overseas at the same time. My father was deployed to Vietnam, my uncle was stationed in Japan, while my youngest uncle was based in Thailand.

    Two weeks after my father returned from his stint in Vietnam, his platoon was ambushed in a fatal attack, and Dad lost seven buddies. He and Mom attended seven funerals in seven days, and my father was never the same.

    Dad became an alcoholic trying to kill the pain of the guilt he carried for not being there when the battle ensued; as well as from the PTSD he suffered from everything he had seen and experienced, before there even was such a diagnosis.

    If Dad had been there, he would’ve died with his buddies. He wouldn’t have come home. He was the Mess Sergeant and would’ve been in the mess tent preparing breakfast for his men, when the first missile hit the mess hall.

    Dad developed cirrhosis and underwent a liver transplant after years of alcohol abuse and rehab efforts, and he lived an additional 9 ½ years, thanks to that gift of life. Before he died, he got to meet all of his grandchildren, and he knew how much he was loved. He believed in Jesus Christ and the forgiveness of sins, and I know I will see him again one day!

    I have enormous faith in God and Jesus Christ, thanks to the role models I have had in my life, and I know God works through me to help others, if I listen carefully for His voice, and pay attention to my spirit.

    “Peace in the Valley” was the third song that came to my mind to post on GodBook1, and I recognize that 3 is a Biblical number, beginning with Father, Son and Holy Spirit – the Holy Trinity. The chorus of the song played in my mind, but I couldn’t remember all of the verses until I found the song on YouTube and listened to it.

    There is a verse in the middle I had forgotten, but as it happened, it was perfect for GodBook1, because it mimics biblical preaching about the Lion laying down with the Lamb. [Isaiah 11:6]. It was totally a God-thing, and perfect, just like Him!

    “Peace in the Valley” Lyrics

    Oh well, I’m tired and so weary
    But I must go alone
    Till the Lord comes and calls
    Calls me away, oh yes
    Well the morning’s so bright
    And the lamp is alight
    And the night, night is as black
    As the sea, oh yes

    There will be peace in the valley for me, some day
    There will be peace in the valley for me, oh Lord I pray
    There’ll be no sadness, no sorrow
    No trouble, trouble I see
    There will be peace in the valley for me, for me

    Well the bear will be gentle
    And the wolves will be tame
    And the lion shall lay down by the lamb, oh yes
    And the beasts from the wild
    Shall be lit by a child
    And I’ll be changed
    Changed from this creature that I am, oh yes

    There will be peace in the valley for me, some day
    There will be peace in the valley for me, oh Lord I pray
    There’ll be no sadness, no sorrow
    No trouble, trouble I see
    There will be peace in the valley for me, for me


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