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    Erika Dawson

    My kids watch TV.

    We do limit screen time, but they sure do love curling up on the couch and switching on the television. I don’t mind if my kids spend some time watching TV, but I do limit and monitor what they watch.

    My role as a mom is to help guard the hearts and minds of my kids, and I don’t want them putting things in their minds that are scary, contrary to God’s truth and the way He calls us to live, or which influence negative behavior (like sassiness, disrespect, or treating siblings poorly).
    I don’t always get it right, but I work hard to stay on top of our TV choices.

    Finding quality, faith-based entertainment can be a challenge.

    We don’t only watch Christian programs. Since we don’t have cable, sticking with Netflix, Hulu +, and the shows we’ve purchased through iTunes definitely helps us keep boundaries on what our kids watch.

    Hearing my 20 month-old sing every word to the Paw Patrol theme song is a great reminder of how quickly little ones memorize and repeat what they hear! Guarding how my kids spend their time and what enters their little minds is so important!

    If you’re looking for Christian cartoons and TV shows for preschoolers, check out this list of some of our favorites!

    Our Favorite Christian TV shows for Preschoolers

    – Owlegories
    – Boz the Bear
    – Psalty
    – Hermie & Friends
    – Veggie Tales
    – 3-2-1 Penguins
    – What’s in the Bible?
    – Adventures in Odyssey
    – Theo Presents
    – Jesus Storybook Tale

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