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    One cold December day in 2001, I responded to an ad in the local paper for a free puppy. Before I arrived at the residence, I had totally decided to get a male puppy. I don’t know why that was my inclination, but that was my thought going in. After I arrived, I saw this adorable little girl puppy that resembled her mother [the owners said they thought the big, black dog outside on a chain was the daddy dog].  I decided to take the little girl.

    For three days, I could not decide what to name her. I thought and thought. Nothing seemed to fit. I started watching a program I enjoyed, and the storyline went like this…

    A young, black, orphaned boy in Africa was talking to a lovely white American couple who were looking to adopt a baby. The boy commented that most couples want babies, which is why he was still at the orphanage. The couple asked how he is able to cope with all of the commotion with all of the children and babies. The boy said, “Sometimes it’s hard, and I pray for patience. Then one day, a baby arrived, and her name was Patience.”

    There it was. The name for my sweet puppy! Patience. I had been single for many years, which was something I struggled with. Now I had a faithful companion with whom to share my life and help me become more patient.

    The fact that the storyline in the show, basically disappeared after only a few episodes led me to believe God was speaking to me. Patience. I needed to exercise one of the most important Fruits of the Spirit: Love, joy, peace, patience, goodness, kindness, faithfulness, gentleness and self-control.

    During the ten years I had Patience, her name served as a constant reinforcement and reminder that I needed to be patient. God was working in my life then, and He is working in my life now. I still have Patience’s ashes, and I am reminded of her every day as I consciously and subconsciously practice patience.

    Debbie T

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