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Sylvia T

Immigration is the answer
National labor shortage continues to affect business, construction | Nov. 12

At the same time that we are thinking of ways to prevent and send back immigrants, including many hard-working and law abiding Mexican and Central Americans, we have a problem finding U.S. citizens to fill 400,000+ jobs in the construction industry. Why don’t we give the people we are sending back across the border temporary residence status, possibly leading to permanent residency, to train and work in construction? These workers would be legal residents more than willing to work construction and other non-college jobs in our country, pay taxes, and receive their medical care through their employers, just like other U.S. resident workers. It would be a win-win-win for the people coming here for their futures, for the U.S. construction (and other industries) facing dire shortages of workers, and for the U.S. itself as we rebuild our infrastructure and improve our cities.

Michael Harrison, St. Petersburg